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If you’re interested in checking out what other streaming services have to offer, Spotify has a decent offer for new users with 3 months of Spotify Premium for free if you sign up before May 15th.

The offer is only for new users, though if you’ve used a 7-day trial previously you are eligible, and you have to supply a Credit Card or PayPal account to be able to sign up. The deal saves you nearly $30, with each month on Spotify normally worth $9.99.

The deal looks to be something to do with Starbucks, with free Starbucks rewards points on offer if you’re into that sort of thing, but apart from that it looks like anyone can grab it.

The deal runs until May 15th, so head over and grab it while it lasts. Who knows, you may like it more than the music streaming service you’re currently using.

Source: Spotify.
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    Gautham Manikka

    “Unfortunately you are ineligible for the offer you were looking for. Don’t worry, ​you can still get Premium for the standard rate.” is the message….Is spotify using cheap tricks to get signups ?

    Gautham Manikka

    Not working….Says not eligible for some reason…new sign up

    سامي الغامدي الغامدي



    “it looks like you are trying to use this service from Australa” please switch to Australia, I switch then it only offers me 30 days 🙁