Thursday , October 19 2017

eBay Gets A Material Design Facelift And More

SGS 3 ebay
On my phone at least, eBay is one of the most-used apps. It has never been a very good looking app but it did what I needed it to do, find me deals for cheap stuff that I don’t really need. This week, finally, eBay is releasing an update to their app that brings it in line with Matias’ vision for Android, Material Design.

The changes bring not only some Material Design to the app but also some functionality changes including:

  • A less simplified navigation drawer behind a hamburger menu
  • More of your latest search history
  • Related items to those you are looking at based on not just that item but your shopping behaviour
eBay promises to bring more updates this year with more functionality behind your selling activity. eBay’s Senior Director and Head of Mobile Product Management, Dave Comer has commented on the update saying:

As we look towards future updates, we will continue to integrate the newest technology, respond to and incorporate user feedback, and evolve the experience to create the best browse, shopping and selling experience possible

The update was announced earlier this week and will roll out over the week. Head on over to the Play Store where hopefully the update will be waiting for you. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the new and improved eBay app.

Source: eBay.

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The previous major overhaul of the eBay app turned a very useful app into something that was bordering on unusable and I rarely used it as a result, resorting to eBay in a browser when I needed to do something. I’m very pleased to see that this recent change brings back some of the functionality that had been removed. It’s much better and back to being something I will likely use again.


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