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It’s free Comic Book Day today, the 15th annual one to be precise, a day where you can drop by your local purveyor of printed comic art and grab some free books from a selected range. If you’re scared of the outside world, or just can’t make it you can still participate in Free Comic Book Day thanks to online comic book seller Comixology.

Comixology is now an Amazon company, but they’re still one of the best when it comes to distributing digital comics – sorry Google. They have over 130 free comic books, from publishers such as Marvel, DC, Valiant and more, there’s top tier heroes including Captain America and the Avengers, Batman and lots, lots more. You have to have a Comixology or Amazon account to partake, but that’s easy to fix if you don’t have one already.

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You can shop online on your desktop or through the Android app, but once you’ve added them to your library you can download them and view them on your phone, tablet or even in your browser online. Awesome.

You can get yourself over to Comixology’s free comic book pages, and select one (or all of them) to add to your digital library. The Comixology app is free on Google Play, so check it out as well.

Comics & Manga by Comixology
Comics & Manga by Comixology
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Price: Free
Source: ComixologyGoogle Play.