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Motorola is ramping up to release something…the leak of a Moto G and a ‘Plus’ model with better camera points towards a release coming soon. The Motorola Twitter account in India has sprung to life recently teasing an upcoming phone, and a new list of specs expands on what we’ve seen previously.

According to Roland Quandt from MobileGeeks.de, the new Moto G appeared in the Indian Zauba import database in several iterations, with enough descriptions to give him the list of specs. The 4th generation of what has proven to be Motorola’s most popular phone in terms of sales volume will have two models, with a 2GB RAM/16GB storage model, as well as a 3GB RAM/32GB storage option. Cameras will be either 13MP or 16MP and come with Laser Auto-Focus. NFC will be a surprising, yet welcome return on the Moto G 4th Gen/Moto G Plus as well.

A further tweet points to a Snapdragon 430 SoC, FullHD resolution display, 3000mAh battery and a 5MP Front-facing camera.

The option between 2GB/16GB and 3GB/32GB and 13MP/16MP could be the difference between the Moto G and the Moto G Plus, but we’ll obviously have to wait for that official announcement.

The announcement could be coming soon too, with Motorola India starting to tease a new phone launch on Twitter. The Indian connection could be due to a ‘Made in India’ tag that Roland also said in his tweet of the Spec list. The Indian Motorola Twitter account started firing out these teases in the last week:

The thrust of these Twitter teases does point towards a better camera experience thanks to laser auto-focus as well as fingerprint security – which we’ve also seen teased previously – and a better battery.

The current rumour for launch of the Moto G Gen 4 (and the Plus model as well) seems to be for June, so look out for an announcement then and then the long hard wait of whether Motorola brings the phone to Australia. We love the Motorola hardware here in Australia, but they do like to make it hard for us to get our hands on it, so hopefully 2016 is the year that changes. Stay tuned.

Source: @rquandtMotorola India.