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Happy Mothers Day! If you’re wanting to convey that message to mum, then maybe you should try out Google Hangouts if your mother is using it. As we’ve seen in the past, Google has inserted a few neat animations that are triggered when you say Happy Mothers Day in a chat.

So far there’s three that seem to show up:

  1. A pot that blooms a flower.
  2. A flexing arm with a ‘Mom’ tattoo on the bicep; and
  3. A couple of koalas, presumably mother and baby that pop up

These join previous timely easter eggs that Google has inserted into Hangouts, such as last year when they put animated easter eggs into Hangouts, or the one for wishing someone a happy new year. You can also get a cool animation if you wish someone a Happy Birthday. And if you include ‘Woot!!’ or ‘LMAO!!’ in your chat, you’ll get a neat one as well.

If you’re new to Hangouts though and want to try some other cool ones, you can also try:

  • /ponystream
  • /ponies
  • /pitchforks
  • /shydino

One last one, if you type in ‘/bikeshed’ you can get a random background colour on your Hangouts chat.

Happy Mothers Day mum.

Daniel Tyson   Ausdroid's Editor in Chief

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