Motorola has never had a great track record of keeping a secret, and it seems this trend has continued under Lenovo’s ownership. Last week we saw the Moto G leak, and this week it looks as if the Moto X 2016 has just broken cover.

So before we start off it’s important to remember that these are leaks of unconfirmed images, a large dose of salt if required while digesting them. That said, speculating on phone rumours can be fun so let’s assume that these are close to accurate, what do these images show us?

Front and centre we can see what looks to be a fingerprint sensor – not sure if this means capacitive or on screen buttons – flanked on both sides by what look to be proximity sensors for Moto’s screen on gestures. There is also a single speaker and front facing camera on top with two more proximity sensors.

Around the back there is a sizeable camera bump, the styling of the lens strongly resembles the much maligned flat-tyre look of the Moto 360, one can hope that this is a non-genuine part of the image. The Moto dimple is gone from the back with the Batwing logo now just printed onto a flat metallic looking surface.

The big story on the rear is what looks to be a resurgence of Pogo Pins, 16 of them to be precise, with what appears to be a locating pin in the centre. Fast charging would require 4 pins (ala USB A spec) and USB Type C uses 24 pins so what exactly these 18 pins are for is a bit of a mystery. However, if genuine we may see some Moto X accessories to take advantage of these old school ‘quick connectors’. They could be used for anything, from charging docks to extendable batteries or even a more fanciful Galaxy Gear VR-style headset?

On the sides, the device shows 3 buttons for power and volume up and down – no volume rocker, as such. The type of USB port is not visible in these images. A close study of the side suggests that the headphones may be located on the top in the centre.

Overall the device has a very 2016 look and feel to it, being vaguely reminiscent of either the Samsung S6/7 or the LG G5 in overall design. With its metal edges and metallic rear look is it not an unattractive device, however, it lacks a certain Moto Styling to it.

With the 2015 Moto X not quite 12 months old yet we aren’t ‘expecting’ a product launch anytime soon so there may be a bit of a wait to find out if these images are real, fake or somewhere in-between.

How do these rumoured images of the 2016 Moto X stack up for you? Let us know in the comments.

Source: +hellomotoHK.
Via: Android Police.
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Why can’t I get a flagship phone with the headphone socket in the base of the phone?!


Not sure what to make of this.

I would say it’s ugly but sometimes that’s what happens with digital renders of phones.

And a square fingerprint sensor. Not that attractive. Looks like it was patched on as an afterthought. :/


since I need a new phone (it’s very hard to find a screen replacement for a moto x 2014 under 200 dollars) I was going to wait until this year’s moto offering to see what I shld get. But on seeing those leaks I ordered a moto x pure edition with all the motomaker goodies. I’m sure that this year’s phone will be good. But it is not a moto x. It is a galaxy/iPhone all other phone wannabe. All the design cues that made the Moto x great is gone. This render to me, is just some high tech… Read more »


I liked that Motorola was one of the Android makers that went all-in on touchscreen buttons. This seems like a step back.


I can’t believe how ugly the camera and fingerprint sensor are. Surely this isn’t it??!!

Iain Simmons

Yeah I feel like this is exactly how you would make a phone look if you were just looking to mess with Moto fans!