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USB-C is rapidly becoming the standard for mobile devices these days; Apple is on board with their new range of Macbooks, last year’s Nexus devices were both USB-C, and this year, three flagship phones are rocking USB-C connectivity as standard as well — HTC 10, Huawei P9 and LG G5. Samsung haven’t yet switched, but signs are good they’ll be doing the same, and probably soon.

If you’ve been in smartphones for a while, chances are good you’ve got a pile of MicroUSB accessories floating around which won’t be of much use with these new phones. So, rather than throw your old gear out, let’s take a look at some of the options available on the Ausdroid Shop to keep your gear charged, connected and ready for use!

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usb-c-3-type-c-to-female-micro-usb-cable-20com-black-01_mIf you’ve got a favourite MicroUSB accessory (such as a wonderful car charger that you just can’t bear to part with), you might like to consider using a converter cable so that you can use it with your new USB-C equipment. I’ve done just this with my car charger; it puts out a lot of power, charges quickly … and with a little adaptor, it powers the USB-C review phones I’m using at the moment.

It’s compatible with just about everything, though I wouldn’t use it with a dock or any other fixed connector. This works best with cables, and it’s available on the Ausdroid Shop for $16.95.

If you’re looking for something lower profile, we’ve got Xiaomi Mi micro converters as well, which are barely bigger than the tip of your little finger. Because its a solid unit, you could theoretically use this with a fixed MicroUSB dock, but it works just as well with converting MicroUSB cables to USB-C with minimal extra length. Available today for just $11.95.[/tab]


usb-type-c-to-usb-3-cable-black-01_mEveryone who uses an Android smartphone probably has a drawer with a few random MicroUSB cables, and it’s a good idea to keep some USB-C’s floating around too. You never know when you might need to charge a new tablet or phone, or when you’re in need of an extra cable to chuck on the bedside table.

Whatever your needs, Ausdroid Shop has you covered. We’ve got USB A 2.0 to USB-C cables for $12.95, and USB-A 3.0 to USB-C cables (for faster data transfer) for $16.95, and yes we’ve tested these to make sure they won’t hurt your equipment.

If you want cables certified for high amperage (3A / 5V) of the kind used in some devices, the options are a bit more limited. We’ve got an Orzly 4-pack of such cables for $59.95; we know this might seem a bit dear, but that’s the price of local product certified for safe use. Realistically, though, this works out to be one cable for about $15, which is perfectly reasonable.

USB-OTG cables are great for accessing USB drives and accessories on the go, and you’ll probably need new ones if you use USB-C gear. We’ve got single OTG adaptors for $16.45, or if you’re after a small USB Hub with a USB-C connector, we’ve got them for $26.95. (They’re a very useful part of my travel kit).

If you’ve got a shiny new USB-C mobile, like an LG G5 or HTC 10, why not grab a Kidigi USB-C Desktop Dock? They’re designed especially for these new devices, and we’ve got those for $34.95.

AUKEY-CAR-CHARGER-QUICK-CHARGE-cc_t1_desc_01_mChances are good that you’ve got at least one USB-C charger if you’ve got a compatible device. However, if you’re looking for some extra ones, there’s a few good choices. We’ve got a full range of Qualcomm Quick Charge compatible chargers, including some of our favourites — Aukey’s CC-T1 dual USB car charger with QC 2.0 for $39.45, or the Itian 2.4A 9V charger (QC 2.0 compatible) for $28.95.

For the home or office, we’ve got a huge range of USB chargers which you can use with USB-C cables, and rather than list them all out, just take a look for yourselves.[/tab]

We know there’s a lot of choices out there, and that there’s a good number of alternatives if you’re not minded to shop at the Ausdroid Shop, but we ask that you at least consider us. Our shop is Australian owned and operated, and your orders will ship nice and quick from our warehouse in Sydney’s inner west. Yianni and Simon look forward to taking your orders and helping you out!

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Worth noting that USB-C adapters won’t work with Micro-USB OTG cables.

Alexei Watson

I’ve got a 6p and so does a mate, wanted to transfer a large file to him. Disappointed that plugging the phones in to each other and coding for transfer on one didn’t do the trick.

USB-C is awesome, can’t wait for it be properly realised.


Did they pass the Benson tests?


The Orzly ones do, because they’re the only ones that can draw the 3A power. The others don’t need to; they’re spec compliant.


plus Benson only test those available in Amazon US?