The launch of Samsung’s 4K UHD BluRay player in Australia this month has garnered some excitement, but what good is having a 4K player and 4K TV without something to watch? Good news is that 4K Discs will begin arriving this month.

First off the block will be Sony, who are releasing the Chloe Grace Moetz movie The 5th Wave, as well as the disappointing Amazing Spiderman 2 in the new 4K UHD format on the 12th of May.

Also coming this month will be titles from Roadshow Entertainment who will be launching their 4K UHD campaign with Mad Max: Fury Road, The Lego Movie and San Andreas, all of which will launch on the 18th of May. They will be followed by Creed, Expendables 3 and Man of Steel from July and new release titles such as Superman vs Batman and Suicide Squad will get 4K releases in addition to DVD/BluRay later this year.

May 18th will be a big day for 4K UHD releases, along with those Roadshow titles, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will be releasing the movie that finally won Leo an Oscar, with The Revenant arriving in the 4K UHD format. Fox will also be releasing Life of Pi, The Martian, The Maze Runner, The Maze Runner Scorch Trials, The Kingsman and X-Men Days of Future Past down the track.

As well as this influx of content, 4K UHD Players from Sony, Panasonic and LG will also be coming later this year to expand your choice in hardware. The question still remains for some members of current generation who have already purchased their favourite movies on VHS, DVD and BluRay, will they purchase them on 4K UHD discs? Will you?

Via: TechGuide.
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Yes I will. Pity none of the 4k content will be available in 3D though.


Once there is a decent and reasonably priced 4K projector… I’m there… till then… we’ll see


Really looking forward to going into JBHiFi or Harvey Norman and seeing what 4K really looks like.