Twitter’s streaming video service, Periscope, has been a mild success, but the service is getting a number of new updates in the coming weeks, including the ability to search for broadcasts, options to save broadcasts for more than 24 hours and a new drone channel, all of which could make it a much better service overall.

The new broadcast search is a handy tool for those wanting to find people broadcasting on interesting topics. When you search, you’ll be prompted with common suggested topics like Music and Food – but you can search for any topic that takes your fancy.

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The search function will also highlight new ‘Periscopers’ with ‘First Scope’ and also drones! That’s right, Periscope will be getting into Drones. They’re streaming video from both GoPros and Drones in the upcoming update, offering to pull feed from either an iPhone or GoPro – unfortunately no mention of Android at this stage.

Also coming, which is a far more important update in our opinion anyway is an expansion of the Beta trial to save selected broadcasts for more than 24 hours. Sometimes those broadcasts are really good, with relevant and long-lasting images that you want to share for longer periods.

The idea is to give you full control of your broadcasts, including how long they stay around for :

Our goal is to give you full control of your broadcasts. Soon, your broadcasts will be automatically saved on Periscope and Twitter with comments and hearts. Should you change your mind, you can still delete your broadcasts at any time in the post-broadcast screen or in your profile. And, for those of you who still want your broadcasts to be removed after 24 hours, you can easily configure that in your account settings.

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Periscope has listed the update as ‘available in the coming weeks’ so it’s a matter of wait and see. You can keep checking your update tab in Google Play.

Periscope - Live Video
Periscope - Live Video
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