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Back in January Google announced that a new Driving Mode was coming to Google Maps for Android, as is quite often the case this new feature was not available in Australia at Launch.

Since then we have seen Google include the add a pitstop to a trip as well as search along current trip features released in Australia, however, Driving mode was still not available. All of that seems to have changed today with Driving mode now appearing without the use of a VPN.

Load up Google Maps, go into the settings and you should find under navigation settings an option to add a shortcut to Driving mode to your home screen as well as a toggle to allow driving related notifications when connected to your car’s Bluetooth.

Google Maps - Driving

Driving mode will automatically determine what you next destination will be based on your location history, search history, and appointments and suggest that location as you navigation destination. We’ve only just discovered the feature has been activated so we will spend a little time getting to know the new functions and let you know if there is anything more to report.

Have you been waiting for driving mode to become available in outside the US? Let us know in the comments.

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Does it have speeding alerts and red light / speed camera alerts?


Doesn’t appear to, no.


Does this do similar things with maps on Android Auto?

Max Luong

Sounds good, but I can’t give up Waze.


And I thank you for using it, I wish Google would bring traffic reporting to maps, even if it was a superuser option

Darren Ferguson

I get pretty good traffic alerts in maps already. Do you mean manually reporting things?


I do, I like to contribute but I prefer google maps app


Agreed, not so much for reporting traffic jams (as Google gets those pretty much perfect), but more for reporting other things like speed cameras, hazards, fog, etc.

Björn Rostron

I like the idea of Waze more than the reality of it.

A perfect option would be Google Maps with an additional layer or toggle option to allow reporting of incidences.

Will Dutton

This is the kind of thing that is amazing if it works


It seems to be pretty good. It works well for those who have a Monday to Friday job, or who work in the same place each day of the week. If you’re like me and all over the place, the predictions aren’t as useful.


Cool. This will be handy when I know roughly where I’m going, but I’m too busy (lazy) to enter the destination.