Friday , March 9 2018

Google Calendar for the web enables browser notifications

Google Calendar

Built-in notifications for browsers, like chrome, is an example of a portable device interface making the transition over to the desktop. A well-curated notification system can be very handy to give you information just when you need it. Today Google Calendar have announced that one of their “Labs” projects is coming out of the lab and being released as a supported feature, Google Calendar notifications via your browser.

Gentle Notifications

Simply enable the feature in settings, once it rolls out, and that’s it you will now receive your calendar notifications as a pop up. The feature is only available on browsers that support the “Gentle Notification API” which includes Chrome, FireFox and Safari.

The feature is scheduled to launch in the coming weeks and will take the typical google staged rollout approach. We will keep an eye out for when we start seeing feature go live and let you all know.

Source: Google.

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Valued Guest

I wonder if it will sync with the app notifications. Ie: Dismiss it on Chrome, and it gets dismissed on the phone.

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