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Google Play has updated their app and game Deal of the Week, with HeadUp Games offering Bridge Constructor Medieval and My Alarm Clock from Apalon Apps for just 20c each.

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My Alarm Clock
If you’ve been looking for a replacement alarm clock, then you can do a lot worse than My Alarm Clock, in fact this looks like a pretty darn good one.

My Alarm Clock isn’t just functional, it’s pretty good looking as well. It turns any Android device – phone, tablet etc. into an alarm clock which can wake you with your favourite music (must be on the device). You can change the colour, brightness and style of the alarm clock displayed, have it as a widget on your home screen and you can also fall asleep listening to your favourite music, or use the in-built white noise generator to help you drift off to sleep.

The alarm will pop up even if the app isn’t running; and the app can even be set to auto-launch when you plug your phone/tablet in to recharge before you go to sleep at the end of the day.

My Alarm Clock is pretty simple. It’s a good looking alarm clock with a lot of style and feature customisations. There’s no in-app purchases to worry about, it’s just a one-off 20c price and it can be yours today. Head over to Google Play to check it out.

Alarm Clock for Me
Alarm Clock for Me
Developer: Apalon Apps
Price: $2.99

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Bridge Constructor Medieval
If you’ve been around Android games for a while, chances are you’ll have played Bridge Constructor, the original bridge building game from HeadUp Games. Bridge Constructor Medieval takes you back to the times of knights, and knaves with 40 levels of bridge building fun ahead of you.

With materials like wood, heavy wood, stone and ropes you’ll construct bridges, but be careful because with the catapults and projectile weapons of enemy armies around, you’ll need to build a roof for your bridge to protect it. There’s several modes with one being to build the bridge to facilitate your army crossing the bridge, while another mode lets you build a bridge that collapses under the weight of enemy troops.

Bridge Constructor Medieval is a great buy at 20c, be warned that there are some In-App purchases available in the game, costing between $1.24 – $3.29 per item but really you don’t have to pay the price to enjoy the game.

For Google Play Games fans, there’s a connection here with Achievements and rankings against your friends and overall – so challenge those friends and family to see who can build the best bridge and get the best score. This is a great fun game to play, so head over to Google Play and check out the game

Bridge Constructor Medieval
Bridge Constructor Medieval
Developer: Unknown
Price: $1.99

Even with IAP, you can’t go past a fun game like Bridge Constructor Medieval, but hey for 40c treat yourself this week and grab both the app and game deal of the week.

If you hurry, last weeks deals on Karateka Classic and Golfshot Plus: Golf GPS are still on sale for just 20c each.

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