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Google’s US/Canada only launch of podcasts in Google Play Music last month has been a confusing launch, given the lack of rights issues with podcasts. Well, one user in Australia is seeing Podcasts as a menu option in Google Play Music, so maybe we won’t have to wait for much longer.

Geoff contacted Ausdroid to show he is seeing the Podcast option in his Google Play Music app on Android – version 6.7.2713Z.2790541. He’s never had his account switched to a US account, and he’s not using a VPN. They’re showing as available but they’re not actually showing up to be played, nor are they showing when searched.

There’s no real ‘rights’ issue around podcasts being launched as a global option, given that most podcasts are available globally through mainstream podcatchers like PocketCasts or DogCatcher. Scale could be an issue, but hey this is Google we’re talking about, so what’s the hold up? Well, maybe this is a sign that we won’t have to wait much longer.

Are you seeing podcasts in Google Play Music in Australia?

Thanks: Geoff.
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    Mike Stevens

    Not me. 🙁