Nat and Lo

Nat and Lo are a couple of Googlers who have decided to use their 20% flexi time (Basically: they get to use 1 day a week to work on anything they like inside Google) to help we mere mortals outside of the inner sanctum understand how ideas, turn into reality that the users see, use and enjoy on a daily basis. Previous videos have taken us into Project Loon, Translate and the Google Apps voice we all hear but that’s just a few of them. This time they’re taking us into the research lab for Android Auto.

There’s some really cool toys in there which explore the various distractions that a driver can face while on the road and demonstrates that Google are looking at the safety aspect of Android Auto, not just the users wants and experience.

The continual development of the product is fantastic and has huge potential for the future

What Google product would you like Nat and Lo to look at next?

Source: Nat and Lo YouTube.