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KUAI Smart Headphones

I really enjoy getting out and active, but if you’re doing it for fitness versus a social pleasure you may strike some hurdles in achieving your goals. One of the difficult ones to overcome is the accessories to track your progress such as GPS, Output monitors and the funds to get yourself seeing a personal trainer regularly; that’s all before you get into your tunes while you walk, run, ride or swim your way to a better you. In my semi-regular travels through the crowd funding sites I’ve found what (on the surface at least) appears to be quite a gem – The KUAI Smart headphones.

If you’re quick there’s a deal on right now to get a single set for US$139 which I agree isn’t cheap for Bluetooth headphones until you see the list of capabilities which particularly when you consider the price is pretty impressive. The KUAI are waterproof and offer biometric data for your general fitness goals and replaces the need for the devices listed below which can cost in excess of AU$700 depending on what you get.

KUAI Options

The specs are pretty solid too with

  • Heart rate sensor
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • 8GB memory (for music)
  • 7 hours of battery life
  • Voice coaching programs to assist you reaching goals
  • Phone call handling

There’s app connectivity for iOS or Android and of course (as with all the good fitness hardware nowadays) there’s desktop interface to help you get the most of your hardware and analyse your data.

They’re looking good and have already managed to raise nearly US$185,000 on the campaign, you won’t be alone if you back this one. We’ve reached out to the manufacturers and hope to get a review unit very soon.

Does KUAI have the capability to help you reach your fitness goals?

Source: IndiGoGo.

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