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The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is coming, there is little doubt about that, and if Samsung keeps to the same timetable as last year the then we should be seeing it officially announced in the middle of August this year. If @eveleaks is to be believed, which typically is a good idea, then we should be seeing the Note 6 release on the week of August 15.

Thats still a few months off so we doubt that this will not be the last Note 6 rumour we’re going to see.

Are you excited for the Galaxy Note 6? Let us know in the comments.

Source: @eveleaks.
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Björn Rostron

I wonder what Samsung are going to do? Are they going to innovate or iterate?

I pretty much had every Note until the 4. Then they started going in a direction that I just didn’t want to follow. Should be an interesting unit that’s for sure.