IO Extended
Google I/O kicks off in a week. In the early hours of Thursday Morning next week, on the 19th of May at 3am AEST to be exact. I`ll be on the ground in Mountain View watching the keynote live, but not everyone can so it’s a computer monitor or TV for most, but have you considered a Google I/O Extended event?

Google I/O Extended events are events aimed at bringing developers in your local area together for a communal experience to watch both the keynote as well as the I/O Sessions. They traditionally also have developer related events such as hackathons and codelabs run at the same time.

This year, there’s a mere two Google I/O Extended events officially registered, running in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 at 3.44.28 AM

While Google won’t sponsor a Google I/O Extended event, they do supply a handy guide you can download on how to host a successful Google I/O Extended event. The guide contains all the info you need to set an agenda, organise a live-stream and even organise swag for giveaways.

There isn’t a real lot of time left to organise your Google I/O Extended event – shipping in official Google swag is pretty much out of the question, but maybe you can get your friends together for an event.

There’s usually a fair crowd of people checking in to Ausdroid during the early hours of the morning when we’re busy writing up the announcements at Google I/O. With a contact – me – on the ground we’re keen to hear your questions and try to get them answered if possible, so make sure you stay tuned to Ausdroid next Thursday for all the news.

Source: Google IO.