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If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on Samsung’s 360-degree camera the Gear 360 they announced at Mobile World Congress, you’re not alone – we’re kind of keen too. So if you’re super keen, you can now pre-order the camera through UK-based online accessory and phone retailer Mobile Zap.

The camera is an exorbitant $490.49 to pre-order and you’ll have to pay shipping of #32.95 on top of that as well, which brings the total to $523.44. The price for the camera in Australia hasn’t been announced as yet, so it’s unclear as to whether that’s a good price or not.

At this stage our best guidance pricing wise is from Samsung themselves who announced the camera as heading to retailers in Korea for KRW 399,300 (around $460AUD) so this isn’t a terrible price.

Competition in the 360-degree camera range is heating up though, with the Ricoh Theta S already on-sale with an RRP of over $600, and the 360Fly action camera, similarly priced at $649. LG’s 360 CAM has yet to actually arrive at retailers, but will launch this month for $399.

Samsung has so far not announced any Australian launch details and at this stage, Mobile Zap are unable to advise a release date for their stock of the Gear 360. We’re certainly keen to get some more information on the Gear 360 Australian launch, so stay tuned, we’ll let you know as soon as we can of any plans.

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None of these really make sense to me.

First, and most obviously, they are massively overpriced. There’s no way they are going to fly till then are less than $150 (probably more like $100).

Second, they are 360, not 360 and 3D. You need both if these are to play nice with a VR/AR future, and at a resolution that means that you don’t see the pixels. That means probably more than 4K around the 360 deg, maybe even 8K.

The above is doable with current tech, but not done.

Mikhail Cass

Are you saying you could make the camera you mentioned:
– 4K
– 360 + 3D
for $150?
Something not even Samsung, LG, GoPro, or Nikon can do? I wouldnt even buy a $150 camera to take images so why would I trust a $150 360 cam?

Many people have VR headsets so this camera is for them.
With Facebook rumoured to be launching 360 Photos/videos which means people will be using their computers to view them there’s no need for them to be super advanced.


Well, first off the >4K camera sensors in your average phone are $10-20 a piece. Optics for 180 deg view are quite cheap (<$10 a pop), processing is basically just compression, with later processing for the VR view.

So yep, it's possible to hit that kind of price point for 360 deg view. Delivering 360+3D is more taxing, but there are concepts that would do it.