For anyone who has access to it Foxtel Go is a really great thing, you can have multiple Foxtel Channels running at once for those times when the occupants of your home can’t agree on what to watch; or in cases like mine, when you want to watch sports in peace and quiet. It took a considerable time for Foxtel to make the app available to all Android users, almost certainly related to some form of exclusivity given the fact that Samsung was the only manufacture it was compatible with for some time. Since it was opened up across the Android Platform there have been a steady stream of improvements to the app ranging from performance and stability changes to user experience tweaks, today’s update makes a huge leap in the latter.

Foxtel Go UI

Anyone familiar with Netflix will notice that the similarity between the interfaces with this update that also includes a kids section for quick and easy selections that are family friendly. The update brings Foxtel Go up to a more current look but still lacks a lot of the expectations we have; fluidity, cleanliness and functionality under the material design framework.

If you’re a Foxtel Go users, how are you finding the new interface?

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Foxtel need to get there act together and make foxtel go HD

Matthew Wolstenholme

BTW the title has a spelling mistake “udpate”