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Mobile Search is an ever-changing, ever evolving thing when it comes to Google, with the company always striving to find the best way to present information. The latest update brings a dedicated ‘apps’ tab to mobile search results.

Simply searching for a term that could be construed as an app brings up the apps tab, which you can find in the carousel at the top of search results. This ranges from searches for games, to your favourite Australian Android news site – yep, we have an app.

There’s been quite a few iterations of App searching in Google Mobile search, this is another one. How long it will last isn’t clear but it’s a neat new way to check out apps if you remember to use it.

Via: AndroidCentral.
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    Sometimes it’s useful. Has this been around for a while in different iterations? I’ve been seeing this for months. (I know about A/B testing..)

    What I’d really like is if they’d add the @#$!ing Search Tools so I can search over a set time frame. When you know some event happened recently – 30 days, last year then it’s really helpful in narrowing down search results.