Last night, as we do each year around this time, we attended The Lizzies, held at Sydney’s stunning Luna Park. The Lizzies is an annual award night for technology journalists around Australia, and attendees range from major outlets like Fairfax and the ABC to little independents like us, and everyone in between. The Lizzies recognises great work in the field of technology journalism, from those covering games, producing audio programs, writing the columns, and reviewing products.

Jason and I went along to fly the flag this year, and after last year’s win for best independent media we had no expectations of running this year too. We put our nomination in a couple of months ago, and like all nominees, we were judged by a panel of our peers in industry.

I put my hat in the ring this year to judge, as well, and sat on the panel for the best audio program. It was a great experience, looking at the best talent and material our industry can produce, and it’s one I’m proud to say we’re a part of — Australian technology coverage is, on the whole, brilliant. The standards are very high.

When it came to independent coverage, there’s a lot of hurdles. We don’t have the major financial backing of the majors. We generally don’t write for money, we write for love (so say others), though I think for us its more the obsession. Being independent doesn’t mean lack of financial success, as there are definitely those who were in contention who are rather successful.

With this in mind, we didn’t have expectations this year (nor did we last year, in fact), and when independent coverage was a couple of awards away, Jason and I panicked; what if we actually win this year? I hastily put my tie back on, and Jason donned his jacket. We sat there throwing ideas around about what we might say if we won…. and we didn’t come up with much.

Like a bit of a blur, suddenly best independent was up, and we sat through the nominations, cheering on those titles we’d love to see win. Then, somehow, Ausdroid was named again, and we won.

Jason and I were in disbelief; twice in a row? Really? Okay then.

We gave the single worst acceptance speeches of the night — we were completely unprepared.

Still, to win an award is humbling, and to win it twice is extremely so. That this award is judged by our peers makes it extra special; Ausdroid’s hard work and efforts are recognised by you guys — our readers — every day. That’s what keeps us working. Being recognised like this, though, is icing on the cake.

So, without further ado:

  • To those who support Ausdroid through our Patreon, our unending thanks. You help keep Ausdroid viable as an organisation, to cover our expenses and to get our writing out there.
  • A huge thank you to you, our audience, for continuing to read Ausdroid, to engage with us, and to share with us your thoughts, requests and comments. Though not all comments are positive, we learn from them all.
  • To our sponsors, to those who host Ausdroid to attend international events, wow. Alcatel, HTC, Huawei, LG, Sony and that’s just a few. Thanks guys. We’re humbled and grateful each and every time.
  • To our peers, colleagues and friends in tech, our enormous thanks and undying respect. There’s a great many journos out there who, like us, write about tech for love. Some are paid, others aren’t, and we all work hard. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with you, learn more about our trade, and grow together.

That’s the acceptance speech I’d have given if I were well prepared, and had ten minutes to read it out. Fortunately for everyone, Jason and I bumbled through two or three remarks, thanking everyone, and then tottered off the stage in disbelief.


We’ll now resume your usual news service … with a quiet weekend!

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Congrats Ausdroid, well deserved!


Congratulations! Well deserved.


Fantastic! Well deserved indeed. Been a daily reader of your site for years now. It’s my go-to source of all things an Australian Android enthusiast needs to know.


Awesome. Congrats! Love the new improvements also


Congrats guys, well deserved. Keep it up!


Congrats guys. =D

Max Luong

That’s awesome, guys! Huge congrats!


Well done, guys! Thanks for all of your hard work.


Congrats and well earned. Thanks for your coverage and stories

Charles Kane

Well done.
Now up the ante!

Yianni soc

Congrats team Ausdroid. You all do an awesome job.





Gregory Williams



Congratulations and well done !!