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With Google I/O kicking off this week, Google is building out their developer focus in preparation for the event and launching sites that may take on more meaning in the week ahead. To that end, Google has launched a new site. Building for Billions is their new developer focused site aimed at Android developers and their need to build apps for the more than a billion active users.

When you take the plunge and decide to delve into the the world of Android development, there are a number of hurdles you’ll need to overcome. Starting with original ideas, developing solutions, screen and OS version fragmentation (Yeah, I used the F word) and when you overcome that you need to ensure that your app stays up to date with the latest in build framework from Google which includes best practice. This is where the Building for Billions site comes in, it’s full of resources to help you build and develop those apps.

Google’s inclusions in the Building for Billions site has specific recommendations on

  • Seamless connectivity on Android and Web
  • Right content for the right context
  • Optimize for devices
  • Reduce battery consumption
  • Conserve data usage

Each of which can make or break an app in their own right and makes the site worth a good read for developers, hopefully this will lead to some optimisation on some of your favourite apps.

What’s the biggest issue you face with your favourite app?

Source: Google Building for Billions.