Virtual Reality, 360-degree video, they’re formats that are taking off this year and if next weeks Google I/O goes as we imagine, they’re about to get even bigger. To capture video and photos for VR or at least in 360-degree, the Vuze a camera capable of capturing both, which we saw launched at CES back in January, is now available for pre-order – but it’s pretty steep.

To start with, the Vuze uses 8 cameras built into the futuristic looking body, to capture both 360º and 2D or 3D VR video footage in 4K resolution. The Vuze also has the advantage of stitching together footage in real time, something other platforms are still working towards. The unit itself is remotely controlled by a dedicated Android (or iOS) app so you can set it up and start out of frame if you want.

As was reported back in January, the Vuze is looking at an August release but you can enter your pre-order now, but it’s not going to be cheap.

The Vuze is available for pre-order for US-residents for $799USD with a $45USD shipping fee. Everywhere else in the world gets a special price and for being Australian, you’ll pay $879USD as well as $65USD shipping, a total of $944USD or around $1,299AUD…but as this is an import, it will attract an additional 10% GST putting the price up to more along the lines of $1429.

The bundle you pre-order will have a fair bit included, with Vuze listing a number of accessories and pieces of software:

  • VUZE camera – a sleek attractive design within a point-and-shoot form-factor makes VUZE incredibly easy-to-use. Highly portable, lightweight and ergonomically designed, VUZE can fit into most trouser pockets!
  • Software Studio – offering near real-time processing and state-of-the-art stitching and at the push-of-a-button.
  • VR headset
  • A purposely engineered “selfie stick” which cleverly transforms into a tripod
  • Detachable, multiple purpose handle for additional holding options
  • Stylish carrying case for easy transportation and safe keeping


If you want to pre-order a Vuze, you can get your pre-order in for a model in either Blue, Red, Yellow or Black body designs, by heading to the Vuze website now.

Source: Vuze.