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The Moto Gs were undeniably one of Motorola’s most popular mobile device lines, at least if you take raw sales volume as a measure of popularity, which we would. As the years have progressed The Moto G has continued to try and deliver solid performance at a mid-range price point. If popular phone leaker @Eveleaks is correct we will be seeing two sizes of the Moto G this year.

The above tweet features the smaller and less “premium” Moto G

This is the larger and better speced Moto G

There’s not a lot of additional details to go on yet, thus far only these images seemed to have surfaced. Looking at the differences it seems the larger of the two will include a fingerprint sensor as well as a front-facing flash, and of course a larger display.

Previous rumours point to two specs with 2GB/3B RAM, 16GB/32GB of storage and 13MP or 16MP cameras. The Moto G and Moto G Plus as the rumours are pointing to the names being are supposed to be powered by a Snapdragon 430 SoC and come with NFC which was left off the previous model and come with a pretty large 3,000mAh battery.

Traditionally the screens on the Moto G have not been high res, it will be interesting to see how larger the plus is and what resolution Moto decide to go with for that screen size.

The last Moto G was announced in late July so we’re not expecting Lenovo to announce the new Moto G soon. That said the Lenovo World conference is in mid-June so Lenovo may choose a new release cycle for the hardware now that they are at the helm.

Have you tried a Moto G? How did you find it? Let us know below

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    My mums still rocking an original Moto G. She loves it. Loves it loves it. She could do with a larger and higher resolution screen though. I feel sorry for her eyes when she uses it but she makes do.


    Had the original Moto G and it was great. If the Gplus is 5.5′ then I may buy it.