90s throwback

There are some cracking movies that came out in the 90s; some became cult classics like Pulp Fiction. Some were revolutionary in the way that special effects and concepts of the world around us are presented to the viewers such as the Matrix, others like Schindlers list became known as masterpieces of cinema. The general appeal to the vast majority of viewers is going to be in the action and comedy classics of the era.

Head over to Play Movies and check out the 90s throwback sale and relive some of your younger years with favourite movies from a time gone by.

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There’s a huge number of movies to choose from; here’s a bit of a short list for you. The Castle, Die Hard, Men in Black, Pulp Fiction, Liar Liar, Bad Boys, Mrs Doubtfire, Kindergarten Cop, Jerry Maguire and a League of their own. If you’re keen on any of these or just generally to grab yourself a bargain, head to the 90s throwback sale on Play Movies.

Some great bargains here, which one will you pick up for a Sunday afternoon movie?

Source: Google Play Movies.
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Björn Rostron

Some classics on that list. Might have to burn some of my Rewards Google Play Credit.