Kors access

Living in Australia we’re often forced to watch – pun intended – new devices roll-out internationally knowing we’ll never official see them released, even from brands with similar products in the market, I’m looking at you Moto 360 Gen 2. A few months ago we reported on the new Android Wear-powered Smartwatch from Fashion House Michael Kors, the Access Smartwatch, today we’re pleased to announce that the Access will be released here in Australia.

In discussions with Michael Kors Australia, they have confirmed that they will be launching the new Access Smartwatch in October this year for sale in their Sydney Westfield and Melbourne retail stores. The specifics of the device still remain somewhat of a mystery, what we do know right now is that there are variants for both men and women, both with the round “flat tyre” display and interchangeable bands.

We’re excited to see more Android Wear devices heading to Australia, this is a great move by Michael Kors. It is also good to see more fashion-focused brands entering the smartwatch category. Android is built on the concept of choice – be together not the same – and the fact that non-technology companies are entering the Android Wear space suggests that Googles approach of handling most of the software for such vendors might be paying off.

We will keep you updated as more information about spec’s, pricing and availability become available.

How is the styling of the Access Smartwatch for you? Let us know your thoughts below.

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    Most likely will be too expensive for me in any case.


    I can see the speaker on the first pic, means we can answer calls 🙂


    flat tyre from Michael Kors?? = Fail. Would have thought that a premium brand would know this but shame on me for assuming