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With only two days to go until the yearly dose of Google I/O,  the Android Developers site has had a bit of a visual revamp with the menus now fitting in with many of the other Google driven sites and apps. While we’ve not delved too deeply at this stage and frankly, if they were hiding it we would be unlikely to find it; there doesn’t appear to be anything new by way of content yet.

Android Developers

The site will continue to host the documentation around best practice, API and of course the Android N developer preview that many of us are participating in. That being said, its almost certain that Google will have some surprises for us during the I/O keynote and new content as the conference progresses so watch this space.

What are you hoping Google deliver for developers at I/O this year?

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Damon Lewis

Some of the navigation has been improved with the menu on the left but some of the changes in the API view aren’t to my liking.

By default it is in a narrow column with tons of whitespace on the sides, luckily we can change that. I also hate that most/all of the borders have been removed from the constants/fields/public methods implementation description.