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The pre-Google IO rumours/ leaks are in full effect. The latest tidbit of news to drop is that Googles rumoured home assistant code-named “Chirp” will be announced and it will be known as ‘Google Home’.

If true this will be Google’s second hardware effort aimed at featuring front and centre in the living room. Google released the OnHubs WiFi routers last year aimed at providing an easier WiFi experience. The Google Home is thought to be coming in the US Autumn which is anywhere up to 20 December 2016 this year.

The Google Home is expected to be a voice-powered home assistant that will be able to answer voice queries and interact with Google services, and eventually Bots, just like “OK Google” currently does. With Amazon having such a commanding lead in this space Google needs to get developers on board to build for the platform so they can Launch with a good range os services and partners. A Google Developer conference would be an ideal place to start that journey.

There’s no news at this stage if the Google Home will be available internationally, however if the OnHub is anything to go by it’s not likely.


Source: New York times.
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Hmm, if they were smart that would be a good use for an old phone or tablet. Plug it in to a PSU, run an app, and just talk as you would with Google Now. Maybe bolt on a speaker and microphone to improve quality, if you want. Would then come with a display.

More sensible than US$180 from Amazon.