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Chatbots, virtual assistants, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have all been growing in popularity in recent times. Prior to Google I/O 2016 we were expecting to finally hear something from Google about their efforts in creating an AI Bot platform of some type.

If the rumours are correct Google will, in fact, be launching their Bot platform at their developer conference. However, we haven’t been able to determine the scope or scale of the platform thus far. It could be intended as a platform to run on any network, Telegram, Slack etc or it could be used in conjunction with a new interaction platform to be launched by Google itself, be it a chat or voice interaction model – hello Google Home – or it could be all of these things or none of these things.

One thing is for sure, Google can’t leave it too much longer to enter this area or they are in danger of being left behind.

Are you interested in the promise of AI Bots everywhere? Let us know below.

Source: The Information.
Via: USAtoday.
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Jamie S

Wow, what a time we are living in. It wasn’t that long ago that this stuff was science fiction. I’m excited to see what they have up their sleeve.