This morning we awoke to the news that YouTube Red had finally been opened up to Australians. Myself, I didn’t jump straight into YouTube to check it out, I clicked immediately into the YouTube Music app which I have had installed since October last year when it released to select countries (not Australia). While no one else in the Ausdroid writers group was able to see YouTube Music I was- possibly because I signed up to YouTube Red back when I used a VPN and a US account. YouTube Music had been geoblocked, until now.

With confirmation from Google Australia not long after it seems that it wasn’t an accident that YouTube Music was working. In conjunction with YouTube Red Google have released YouTube Music to Australians. After installing the YouTube Music app all YouTube Red and Google Play Music All Access subscribers will gain “the ability to listen to music seamlessly without ads, play videos offline, and easily switch between video or audio-only.” There will also be the ability to have the video and music continue playing in the background while you are in another app or with the display off.

By signing up to YouTube Red you automatically get subscription to YouTube Music and Google Play Music All Access. As stated earlier this morning there is a new introductory offer (for new users only) of $9.99 per month until June 6. After June 6 this price rises to $11.99. Google made no mention of Family Plan prices but I can tell you that it does work with a family plan as that is what I am on. At this stage it isn’t activated for all devices. It works fine on my Nexus 7, 6 and 6P but not my Nexus 9.

Head on over to the Play Store and download the YouTube Music app and let us know in the comments your thoughts on it.

YouTube Music
YouTube Music
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Blogspot.
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    Anyone else having major problems with Chromecast and YouTube Music? When I get to the end of a track it just starts endlessly skipping tracks instead of playing the next one. Annoying!


    Can’t sign in :/ Got the YT Red upgrade, but can’t use this. Guess I’ll try to be patient 😛


    Of my f*** YES.

    Matthew Vermeulen

    I received an email from Google that included: “Starting today, we’ll be lowering your monthly subscription price from $11.99 to $9.99.” Sounds permanent?


    it’s permanent when you sign up newly or remain subscribed. If you unsubscribe at any time you will not get that price again.

    Alistair Nitz

    I am a Google All Play Access member, but I can’t get access to YouTube Red without signing up as a free trial member. Am I doing something wrong?

    Onel Benjamin

    Have you tried turning it off and on again?
    Nah just kidding, being Google it could just be rolling out in phases. I’d give it time.

    Alistair Nitz

    I download YouTube music it gave me a 14 day trial. I turned off the phone and there it was. Now a YouTube red member. Thanks everyone for their assistance.

    Turk (J.H)

    I opened YouTube today and it’s automatically given me YouTube Red as part of my Google Play All Access subscription. Onel Benjamin is probably right in that it’s a phased rollout.

    Onel Benjamin

    “As stated earlier this morning there is a new introductory offer (for new users only) of $9.99 per month until June 6. After June 6 this price rises to $11.99. ”

    I don’t think that’s for new users only, on the official blog it says:
    “if you’re already a play subscriber, don’t worry, you’ll also get this new low price “


    I think they mean that those who have previously subscribed but are no longer subscribers will not be eligible for this price. So people who currently pay more but are subscribers will get a new lower price (see comment above- yes, they do get a drop in price for current subscribers).

    Onel Benjamin

    I was a subscriber for a few months, then stopped.. I just subscribed again, still 9.99 bro


    nice one- good to see Google have confused themselves as well as us.