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Google I/O seems to have come early, thanks to some of you eagle-eyed readers. On top of the Australian launch of YouTube Red, Google has also seen fit to bring back the early bird subscription rate for the combination of their premium streaming services.

Normally Google Play Music All Access (which includes YouTube Red) cost $11.99 per month. As an introductory offer for YouTube Red, Google is currently offering a $2/month discount for early subscribers (the same discount that a number of Ausdroid staff enjoy on Play Music All Access from its original launch). You’ll get the discount every month if you sign up for the service(s) before June 6, 2016.

It’s not clear whether you can cancel your current membership and re-subscribe at the lower rate – let us know if you give that a go[Update] Several readers have reached out to us to let us know that they are seeing the discount automatically applied to their existing Google Play All Access accounts. We have to say that automatically applying the discount is a solid move by Google, a hat tip to whomever made that decision.

one month trial

There’s also a free one month trial, which seems to be on offer even if you previous trialled Play Music All Access.

YouTube Red and Play Music All Access for $9.99/month is a pretty nice deal. If you’re interested, you can follow this link to sign up now.

Does the launch of YouTube Red make you more likely to subscribe to Google’s streaming services? Tell us in the comments.

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Jarryd Howard

finally I can watch youtube offline, as I watch too much of youtube in my spare times with podcasts and phone reviews.


Clicked the above link and it says I already have it! Win!

(original discounted Google Play subscriber)


I’m an existing subscriber at the full price (I let my early bird subscription lapse before coming back).. Got the following email this morning:
“We have some great news. Starting today, we’ll be lowering your monthly subscription price from $11.99 to $9.99. You will see this new price reflected in your next Google Play receipt.”
So it looks like there’s no need to cancel and resubscribe to get the cheaper price.

Max Luong

A mate who only recently subscribed got similar, but no such mention in my email. 🙁

Max Luong

Never mind me, I can’t read… ?


Fantastic Kai, We’ve updated the post

Alan Kerlin

I’m seriously tempted. But there’s no mention about the family accounts. How can I set it up so the whole family can use this? Can you register it under a shared account and log just YouTube and Google Music into that account on all your devices and PCs?


They have a family plan. Up to 6 users I think. No need to mess around with shared accounts.


Also, if you tried the shard account it typically wont allow concurrent playback, better to spend the extra few dollars and get the family plan

John Heller

I just subscribed to Play Music, and was offered the $9.99 price (I have subscribed in the past, but let it lapse). YouTube Red is active when I open YouTube.
How do I get a Family Plan? It doesn’t seem to be available or offered anywhere.


Not sure how to do it on the web, but in the Play Music app go to Settings > Upgrade to family plan.

John Heller

Yes, I have read how I should be able to do that. But I go into Settings in the app, and there is no option to upgrade to a Family Plan.

Alan Kerlin

You can’t get YT Red Family. I spent an age on their chat to resolve this yesterday. The transcript was comical as we went around in circles (plus part of it seemed very much to be a AI) and I posted it here but looks like Ausdroid deleted it.
So all you can do is get the i month trial and hope they bring the family sub option in in the meantime. And ump on the YT Red support chat nad complain about it so they register the interest.


I have a family plan for GPM, and now all 6 of us have youtube red.