What, you say? Android Auto already runs on a phone? Yes, yes it does, but at the moment if you want top use Android Auto you need to have either a new compatible car, a retrofitted head unit or some hacking skills. Google is removing all of those requirements.

Following a future update to the Android Auto app, there will be a new mode that will allow you to run the Android Auto interface on your phone screen. Take a look at what Google has in store for us below

The on phone Android Auto experience will offer the same features and the in-car version, including Voice calling, media playback, messaging and navigation all featuring a driving friendly interface. At present, all we know is that the update will be coming soon.

That could mean today or next month, we also don’t know if it will be released internationally, however, with the base Android Auto app and hardware currently available internationally there is no reason to think it won’t. We will be keeping a keen eye out for this update and will have a full run through when it drops.

Have you been wanting to use Android Auto and were hampered by a lack of compatibility? Will you be trying the new on phone experience? Let us know below.

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    Max Luong

    Time to get that in-car tablet install happening, eh?

    Luke Hallion

    Sadly, many states laws regarding phone use are outdated. Quite a few states (SA + a few others) only allow you to answer and make calls if the phone is in a cradle. Under no circumstance can it be used for anything else, including GPS or music.
    I will have to continue hoping for wider Android Auto adoption in cars, as I can’t see this solution being legal for me anytime soon.


    Whilst you are right and most of the laws are hopelessly out of date (and plain daft) I think a fully licensed driver is allowed to use a phone for calls, music & GPS in Vic provided it’s in a “commercially designed holder fixed to the vehicle”, and they don’t touch it at all.

    That would seem to make Android Auto on your phone OK, provided there’s a holder.

    I have to say, those chinese headunits are looking interesting now, only have to see when they finally make it an app, and what the minimum OS level is….

    Luke Hallion

    From what I saw, VIC and NSW seem to have the most reasonable rules, and should allow you to use Android Auto with a commercial cradle as you said.
    At least I can use it for road trips over the boarder 🙂


    About time, considering how limited is its functionality. Be interesting to see this running on those cheap Chinese headunits.

    Still no mention of explicit connection to ELM327 etc. units to monitor the vehicle, which should have been a no brainer.


    If it can be used via bluetooth then most phones now have ‘smart features’ where your phones opens app once connected to bluetooth. It’s what i use to open Play Music on my G4


    I wonder what the legalities are of using this app while driving in the various states?


    Should be mostly fine in NSW. Victoria it could be questionable. Not sure elsewhere.