Google is making it rain Android Auto today at Google IO. If you thought that Google had left their original Automotive platform behind, worry not, they have a few goodies in store. According to Google, three of the most requested features for Android Auto are:

  • Waze integration, yes that’s right Waze will now have an Android Auto app
  • Voice Hotword detection, summon “OK Google” to take control of your Android Auto system
  • OEM apps, for Car manufacturers who include Android Auto, they will be able to build and package their own 1st part apps within their vehicles, Honda and Hyundai are both demoing such apps.

I think Google buried the lead here, because as of the latest update, Android Auto will not support sync over WiFI with compatible cars or head units. Cars and head units with this compatibility are expected in the future. The promise of wireless syncing with Android Auto is very tantalising and would certainly sway me more towards an unplanned vehicle upgrade.

We’re going to try and get some time with the new Android Auto goodies, and we’ll report back if anything else pops up.

Do you have Android auto now? How do theses new feature look?