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When Google named their nascent VR platform Daydream I personally shed a tear. Why? I’ve been using the Daydream feature on Android for as long as it has existed (released with Jelly Bean from memory). What was Daydream? It was a screensaver. It allowed you to customise what was displayed on your phone when it was being charged, in a dock or both.

In the Android N Developer Preview 3, Google has removed the old Daydream, but only in name. It has been renamed to Screen saver. Considering that’s what it is this could almost be seen as a good move.

Not the largest of changes, however if you are a user of (the old) Daydream and had been worried about the feature, worry no more, it’s exactly where it use to be and works just the same.

Are you a Daydreamer? Let us know below.

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I use the clock screen saver as a bedside clock. Unfortunately, when my phone finishes wirelessly charging, the screen turns off. I wish it would stay on while it was sitting in its charging doc. Maybe an NFC tag or something.