Friday , October 20 2017

LG G5 receives a software update to v10d

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Switching on the LG G5 this morning welcomed me with a prompt to install a new software update, which will take the G5 from V10c (Android 6.0.1, March 2016 Patch Level) to V10d. The update is said to offer the following improvements:

  • Usability improvements through Google patch
  • Phone usability and functionality
  • Voice call quality

This update has arrived on our review unit, which is an un-branded non-carrier sourced version straight from LG, so if you bought your LG G5 from a carrier, you may not necessarily see this update immediately. There’s no reference to the existence of this update on Telstra or Optus‘ respective software update pages, and Vodafone aren’t ranging the device so we don’t expect to see it there.

We’re installing the update now, once it’s done we’ll let you know what we’ve noticed by updating this post.


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Valued Guest

My G5 updated on Thursday (bought outright from Harvey Norman) haven’t noticed anything different though.


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