If VR wasn’t already a big part of Android, and YouTube, with Google Cardboard and 360 video support on the Web and mobile then it’s about to be. As announced during yesterday’s Keynote as part of the initial Daydream experience YouTube is coming to Google’s new VR Platform and it’s bringing it’s own app.

This hasn’t happened overnight, since the early days of Cardboard Google has been building YouTube to be a platform for VR and 360 video distribution. Initiatives such as VR Video and Spatial Audio have paved the way towards our soon to be realised higher fidelity VR future.

As part of Daydream Home, YouTube is bringing not only the content but an interaction experience that will allow you to remain in VR whilst interacting with YouTube search, discovery personalisation and much more. This is what has been missing for me in Cardboard, the need to constantly pull the phone in and out of my ViewMaster to cue up the next video or interact with the controls.

360-degree content won’t be the limits of your viewing options. You will also be able to watch with the full catalogue of traditional “flat” videos. Google is also working with creators and partners to develop more native, compelling 360 content and 360 video capture rigs. As of today creators at the L.A. and NYC YouTube Spaces will have access to Google’s Jump 360 camera rig, with plans to bring them to all locations across the globe.

What VR or 360-degree content are you most hoping to see? Let us know below.

Source: Google.