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Chances are during the early 2000’s you owned a flip phone, chances are you probably owned a Motorola Razr. Well, the flip phone could be coming back, that is if there’s anything in the latest teaser Motorola has put out on their YouTube channel.

The teaser for their June 9th event – co-incidentally the same day as Lenovo World – shows off school students using the old Motorola Razr smartphones, taking selfies and doing, well, kid stuff. The description on the video on YouTube also reads ‘Flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future’. So, maybe it could be a flip phone. You should probably check it out:

There’s nothing really in it other than a hint, it could just be reminding us that Motorola used to make some really cool, stylish phones – the Razr was sexy as hell – or the rumoured Moto Z could be a flip phone. Either way, you can sign up to receive updates on the launch on June 9th on the Motorola webpage.

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    I would gladly buy an Android based Razr Flip Phone (of some kind) as my second phone any day. Nexus 6P will remain my main driver but … Ahh! One can dream!


    I remember my dad had the Razr V3i. The “i” stood for iTunes.

    He got me to put music on his phone for him one day. It was from this my hatred for Apple products started. 😛


    The Razr was one of my favourite pre-Android phones. Everything about it was ahead of its time. I guess it makes sense to capitalise on it. I wonder if it will take off.