Google Now Reminding Everyone To Enrol To Vote

For those Australians living in a bubble, there is a federal election coming up. You may have missed all the public mudslinging, the butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth TV ads, the annoying Facebook links but you can’t miss the federal election. Google Now is reminding everyone to enrol to vote for the election.

In a display by Google Now that shows that Google have not forgotten about us Australians (btw, where are my AFL scores Google Now?) the very first Google Now card users are seeing after the weather is a reminder from Google to enrol to vote by the deadline, which is 8pm Monday, 23rd May, 2016. Provided is a link to the AEC website, where you can check your details and enrol to vote as well.

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Remember, the more you use Google Now, the more it learns about your habits and the more useful it becomes. Some out there are afraid of giving this much information to one company but it’s too late for me and I find Google Now to be extremely useful. 

If you do not receive the Google Now enrol to vote card head on over to the AEC website to enrol to vote before 8pm Monday and have your voice heard.

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  • "btw, where are my AFL scores Google Now?"

    The day when I can add the Lions as my team ........ Happy days (I think :D )

  • "Remember, the more you use Google Now, the more it learns about your habits and the more useful it becomes"

    Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to learn that I don't want to read articles from the Times of India, or the International Business Times and especially not from the Daily Mail! Am I missing something or is there still not a means of refining the news sources you get?

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