Namie McNameface
As announced during the Google I/O 2016 Keynote Google wants your help with naming the next version of Android. It’s not a competition, just an opportunity for you to let Google know your thoughts. We’ve heard a few good suggestions, as well as made a few ourselves. However, if you’re deep in thought trying to come up with the perfect name for your submission then the dedicated experts at ‘Professional Naming Inc.’ are here to help.

Tip one: Remember your grandmother and use an accent?

Tip two: You’re doing it backwards?

Just in case you missed PNI’s original instructional video you can catch up just bellow.

Apparently Professional Naming Companies are actually real – but Professional Naming Inc. is very likely a joke company made up for the purposes of Google’s campaign.

In the end, this is a bit of fun from Google who have already announced that they reserve the right to pick the final name. If you’re interested in submitting your name for consideration head on over to their NameAndroidN page before 11:59 p, Pacific Time (USA) on the 8th of June.

What’s your N name? Tell us below

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    Keeping in line with original sweet things (Cupcake, Eclair etc), my vote is for Nougat.

    Carsten Bauer

    My vote is for Nutella 🙂


    based on the earlier tease I think it;s unlikely, but not imposable