Google Maps
As part of announced changes to Google’s AdWords platform overnight, Google has announced that Google Maps will be getting an interesting new change as well. Google will start allowing businesses to insert a branded pin in Google Maps, and then promote specials in-store on the business page.

The branded pins will be associated with searches for locations on both and in Google Maps. The option to use a branded pin will be extended to companies using AdWords location extension. The AdWords location extension inserts the business address, phone number, and other information for a location, as well as offering directions or call options for mobile users.

Once added, a branded pin would show up on a map near the user when they search for terms like “shoe store” or “car repair near me.” if the search were relevant. There may also be an option to show up these branded pins on a route you’re driving along if the business decides to promote it.

As well as branded pins, more information and options will be coming to the business card on Google Maps. Google says the change is to ‘encourage consumers to explore your store before they even arrive’. The new look card will add in the option to both browse current store inventory, as well as view specials.

The other AdWords changes include updates to a more responsive ad types for those displayed in the Google Display Network (GDN), as well as changes to static ads, such as two-line headlines, longer descriptions and custom URL paths are now possible.

The emphasis is seemingly on Google’s switch to a mobile first world, where Google says nearly one third of all mobile searches are related to location. AdWords advertisers will also soon be able to bid on AdWords on a per device basis.

The changes to AdWords will come into effect ‘later this year’, so keep an eye out for which businesses start using these new ad-types.

Source: AdWords.