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Did you get up at 3am last Friday to watch the Android Fireside chat just to find out it was no longer being live streamed? I did. I was less than impressed, to say the least, to be missing out. Well if you’re in the same boat you no longer need to worry, Google has just uploaded the video into their Android Developers page for all to view.

The Fireside chat is a IO tradition allowing engineers from within Google to have a moderated conversation with developers about their respective platforms. At this year’s IO there were quite a few Fireside chats from various teams. The Andorid chat included engineers from the framework, runtime, media, graphics, and other teams so it should be a diverse and interesting discussion.

We haven’t even had time to watch this yet so we’ll let you know if anything interesting shakes out.

How much of I/O 2016 did you watch? Let us know below.

Source: YouTube.

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