As announced at Google I/O last week, the Google Play store is coming to ChromeOS devices and with it a massive injection of apps and services. During the beta, only the ASUS Chromebook Flip, the Acer Chromebook R 11 and the latest Chromebook Pixel will be able to use the update, coming in the Dev Channel M53 build.

But what about long term? What about your Chromebook or Chromebase? Will it ever be graced by Android apps? Well, wonder no more, Google have published a rather extensive list of ChromeOS devices that WILL be getting the Google Play Store when the update rolls out to the stable channel.

We’ve separated the list into the larger OEM vendors the are the most likely to represent the ChromeOS devices locally, but have also included the whole list, partly just to show just how many ChromeOS devices have actually been produced (remembering these are only the devices getting the update!).

First, the ones you can get here:

Manufacturer Device
Acer Chromebook 11 C740
Chromebase 24
Chromebook 11 CB3-111 / C730 / CB3-131
Chromebook 15 CB5-571 / C910
Chromebook 15 CB3-531
Chromebox CXI2
Chromebook 14 CB3-431
Chromebook 14 for Work
Asus Chromebook C200
Chromebook C201
Chromebook C202SA
Chromebook C300SA
Chromebook C300
Chromebox CN62
Chromebit CS10
Dell Chromebook 11 3120
Chromebook 13 7310
Google Chromebook Pixel (2015)
HP Chromebook 11 G3 / G4 / G4 EE
Chromebook 14 G4
Chromebook 13
Lenovo 100S Chromebook
N20 / N20P Chromebook
N21 Chromebook
ThinkCentre Chromebox
ThinkPad 11e Chromebook
N22 Chromebook
Thinkpad 13 Chromebook
Thinkpad 11e Chromebook Gen 3
Samsung Chromebook 2 11″ – XE500C12
Chromebook 3
Toshiba Chromebook 2
Chromebook 2 (2015)

Now, the full list:

Manufacturer Device
AOpen Chromebox Commercial
Chromebase Commercial 22″
Bobicus Chromebook 11
CDI eduGear Chromebook M Series
eduGear Chromebook K Series
CTL Chromebook J2 / J4
N6 Education Chromebook
J5 Convertible Chromebook
Edxis Chromebook
Education Chromeboo
Haier Chromebook 11
Chromebook 11e
Chromebook 11 G2
Hexa Chromebook Pi
HiSense Chromebook 11
Lava Xolo Chromebook
Medion Akoya S2013
Chromebook S2015
M&A Chromebook
NComputing Chromebook CX100
Nexian Chromebook 11.6″
PCMerge Chromebook PCM-116E
Poin2 Chromebook 11
Sector 5 E1 Rugged Chromebook
Senkatel C1101 Chromebook
True IDC Chromebook 11
Viglen Chromebook 11

If your current ChomeOS device isn’t on the list, it is somewhat unlikely that it will be added. However, Google wanted to reassure you this doesn’t mean you device won’t continue to get the normal ChromeOS updates, just that the Play Store is not coming to your device. Small compensation if you were excited about getting Android apps on your Chrome device and it’s not on the list I know.

It’s going to be an interesting time to see how apps designed to work on Smartphones and tablets will translate to the more traditional laptop form factor, especially considering only a small proportion of current-gen ChromeOS devices have multi-touch touchscreens. As with all major change we should all expect a few teething problems while Google and app developers work out the kinks.

Do you have a Chromebook? Is your device on the list? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Google.
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Max Luong

I’ve switched my Pixel to the Dev channel in preparation. Surprisingly, it can do that without wiping data. Win!

Alex Gerontzos

Getting one of these is so more compelling than getting a new tablet. My concern is that with alot of these devices 16gb is the common storage. I don’t have too much knowledge over Chromebooks, I’m hoping will we have the ability to make use of the micro/sd ports for local storage, or would it require us to work out which devices can have there ssd swapped. or will it be a case of apps being saved into drive?

I’m thinking the HP 13, reviews have been positive.


To be honest, we don’t know the specifics about it all yet, you can use a SC card as local storage however that only helps if you’re going to store a lot of offline content.

If you’re worried about enough space to hold apps and their data we’re going to have to wait and see how it works out. Luckily Dan has a Pixel 2 so we won’t be waiting long for good answers.

Alex Gerontzos

Very true indeed still way to early to know anything yet.. I guess I want to pull the trigger early but I need to sit tight and be paitent. It’s a big deal non the less.

Daniel Tyson

I actually asked this of the Chrome Product Manager at Google I/O and he hadn’t actually tried using the SD card to install apps to but did say you had access to the SD Card. Basically he said interesting thought, we should try that.

Alex Gerontzos

Fair enough! I’m hoping with development this can be a possibility. Most devices have an sd and micro slot so here’s to hoping

Tony Mugan

Is the first list intended to have Acer as the heading. Formatting looks funny.


Yes, scripting went a bit funny, fixed thanks