Samsung’s Gear VR headset, which is powered by a Samsung phone and Oculus software is reaching a lot of people these days thanks to a massive give away with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge handsets. The concept works great, but lack of controller hurts with some experiences. That pain could soon go away though, with Samsung reportedly working on a dedicated controller for the headset.

The controller, which is stamped with an Oculus logo, features an analogue joystick on the left with four buttons – labelled A,B,X & Y – on the right and two bumper buttons up the top. The controller is apparently designed to snap into the headset when not in use, meaning it should be fairly easy to keep track of its location.

The controller hasn’t been announced officially yet, obviously, so pricing and availability aren’t known. It could be announced when Samsung announce the newest Galaxy Note later this year. Until then you can pair a bluetooth controller to your phone, but that can result in a hit and miss experience. An official controller will certainly be welcome, so hopefully it won’t be too far away.

Source: SamsungMania.
Via: SamMobile.