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Yesterday we got our first look at the potential modular backs for what is thought to be Lenovo’s new Moto Z line-up (Moto Z is apparently replacing Moto X). Today we have a few more details on them thanks to popular leakster Evan Blass through his @evleaks Twitter account.

If Evan is right, and he has a good track record here, what we are looking at (from top to bottom or right to left) is:

  • Hasselbald Camera module
  • JBL Speaker Module
  • Projector Module

The camera module makes a lot of sense, pop a great camera on the back and get a higher quality camera experience. I will wait to be convinced about the utility of a rear speaker or a projector.

For those unfamiliar with the rumours, It looks as if Lenovo, Motorola’s parent company, intends to abandon the Moto X branding in favour of Moto Z. If the leaked images are correct the new Moto Z will have 16 pogo pins on the rear allowing for easy snap on and off swapping of modules like these. The images below show what is believed to be the ‘Droid’ line up, which are usually variations of the more mainstream ‘Moto’ phones, but for illustrative purposes, they look like this:

Moto z

With both LG and Moto, and in the future Ara, looking at modular expansion as a way of differentiating in the market we could very well see more of these types of accessories from other major vendors. In the meantime, we’ll wait for an official announcement re any new Moto phones or accessories, which is rumoured to be coming next month at Lenovo World.

Would you be more inclined to get a phone that had modular accessories? Let us know in the comments.

Source: @Evleaks.
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Looks like they had the same idea I was banging on about for ages (and mentioned on the G5 review). Much more practical and useful than the LG attempt (or Ara), and so much you can do to differentiate from the herd.

Of course the back that everyone wants is the one with the huge 5000mAH battery to work with the existing one to give you days of usage…