As they teased yesterday, Samsung has today officially unveiled the ‘Injustice Edition’ of the Galaxy S7 Edge, which they say is to commemorate the third anniversary of the popular mobile game, Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The limited edition handset will feature one of the games titular, and popular characters, Batman. The phone comes with hardware and software batman themes, with the Batman logo inlaid in gold on the rear and a gold highlights around the fingerprint/home button and speaker grille on the front. A Batman wallpaper and themed dialler are also shown off in the unboxing video – and a ‘Batman pack’ for Injustice Among us with $100 of in-game credit is also included.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 at 6.15.00 PM

The phone itself isn’t the only thing themed with the iconic Batman logo. The special edition box includes what appears to be a gold-plated batarang, as well as a rubber phone case that seems to be inspired by the Dark Knights armour. A black, batman looking Gear VR Headset is also included in the limited edition box as well.

So, now to check out the unboxing video:

Getting your hands on the Batman edition of the Galaxy S7 Edge will be difficult with Samsung announcing it will be available next month in ‘select territories’, which they say includes China, Singapore, Korea, Latin America, Russia, though they do advise that more are coming with ‘others to be announced soon’. We’ve reached out to Samsung Australia to find out if we have any chance of seeing this here.

Samsung Australia has today gotten in touch to advise that at this stage there are no plans to launch the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition here in Australia. This could change, but it’s rare that once a company makes this sort of decision that they reverse it. So, if you want one of these ultra-cool handsets you’re going to have to import one from a country that will be lucky enough to get them.

Source: Samsung.
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Ahhh. The bat phone. It’s real! 😛


I actually like the black and gold….

James Z

Take my money consider the iron man one cost around 1k expect to c this price around 1k mark

Phill Edwards

Does this mean the price of the standard model will be coming down soon?

Clyde Jones

I wouldn’t bet on it. This will probably be priced higher since its a special edition.

John Bousattout

Well, now this is fancy.
I’d like to be able to mimic that theme.