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Asus has just finished unveiling their new devices at Computex in Taipei, and one of the more stranger ones was the release of a smart, robot home companion called Zenbo.

Zenbo is a semi-autonomous robot that can roll around your house, understand voice commands and control a number of functions and devices such as lights, TVs, air conditioners and morearound the home. The robot also has the ability to monitor the home and people for safety, making it perfect for older people, with the ability to remind people about calendar events like taking medication – it also has the ability to monitor for events such as falls, and will notify someone if required.

The robot can also be a great companion for the kids with a built-in library of stories and songs to entertain them – it can also change voices as well to up the ante for those bed time stories.

The built-in camera in Zenbo is also available to capture images making for a great family photographer if required, and with a big bright screen he can display them there and then. He can also help in the kitchen reading out recipes, setting timers and more.

Asus has a number of custom apps for Zenbo, but is opening up an SDK for developers to create more functions for the robot.

This is an interesting release, but not one we’ll probably be seeing here any time soon. We’ll of course be checking in with Asus to see if there’s any information on whether he’ll be arriving here at some stage.

Source: Asus Zenbo.
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Jamie S

As corny as the video presentation was for Zenbo, I along with the rest of my family want one. I just hope you can change his annoying voice, he sounds a bit like Mr Hanky