3Minute Games has launched the long awaited new game in their real-time text based adventure series – Lifeline: Whiteout.

The Lifeline series began by following the adventures of Taylor in the original Lifeline game and continued Taylors story in the followup Lifeline: Silent Night. 3 Minute Games then switched to a new character, Arika for Lifeline 2. Lifeline: Whiteout again introduces a new character, V Adams, and takes place in new environment this time a frozen wasteland.

Lifeline: Whiteout has been produced in partnership with Eipix Entertainment for this latest installment, but follows the same basic premise as previous installments. The story plays out in real time, with notifications popping up at intervals asking you for input into how the game progresses.

As with previous games, there’s a one off cost – this time around it’s $4.19 and there’s no In-App Purchases to worry about.

The previous games recently went on-sale in Google Plays Game Deal of the week, so if you picked up those three titles and enjoyed them, this is a great follow up. Head over to Google Play and snag it today.

Lifeline: Whiteout
Lifeline: Whiteout
Price: $1.99
Source: Google Play.