HTC One Wear
HTC’s long awaited wearable has been delayed yet again, according to noted internet leaker Evan Blass. Evan has been the main source of leaks on the HTC wearable, though others have been supplying supplementary rumours.

The last update we had on the rumoured watch was from Evan earlier this month when he advised it had been delayed until June 6th. This latest update puts the watch in line with the majority of Google’s launches announced at Google I/O which are slated to also launch in the fall. For his part, Evan also understands this stop/start will they/won’t they launch is frustrating:

A HTC Wearable has been rumoured since the launch of Android Wear back in 2014, but while an Android Wear device is hoped for, it’s always possible we could see another health related fitness tracker such as was released in their ‘Health Box’ at CES earlier this year.

HTC has previously worked on an Android Wear watch, though they pulled it when no clearly defining features were available to differentiate themselves in a market that became awash with Android Wear devices.

HTC’s design sensibilities are usually well received and after the HTC 10 has been a lot better received, the time may be ripe to launch a companion wearable. We’ll hopefully see more in the next few months, although at this rate, the watch may just get cancelled again.

Source: @evleaks.