Kogan Agors 6 Plus

Kogan has today announced its latest smartphone, the Agora 6 Plus. The phone is described by the company as a “flagship” device, featuring a number of fairly high-end specs packed into a good-looking aluminium body at a reasonable price.

Besides the big 5.5-inch Full HD display, the Agora 6 Plus is Kogan’s first Android device to come with a fingerprint sensor, a feature that’s fast becoming a standard. Android 6.0 allows apps to the sensor in an officially-supported way, so the Google Play store and apps like LastPass should allow you to use it to identify yourself.

  • 5.5″ Full HD IPS Display (1920 x 1080)
  • Helio P10 Processor MT6755
  • Octa-Core A53 4 x 2.0Ghz + 4 x 1.2Ghz CPU
  • Mali T860 GPU
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB Memory – expandable by up to 128GB via MIcroSD
  • 21MP Rear Camera, 8MP front facing (perfect for those awesome selfies of course!)
  • Android 6.0
  • Dual-Sim
  • NFC, Rear Fingerprint sensor
  • Battery: 2950mAh
  • Network Connectivity:
    • 2G: 850/900/1800/1900
    • 3G: 850/900/1900/2100
    • 4G: B3 (1800) / B7(2600)/ B5(850) / B8 (900) / B28 (700)
  • Dimensions: 154.5 x 76.8 x 7.2mm

While the device looks great on paper at its price point, we’ll throw in a cautionary tale here: You should find out what the case will be for updates to your phone’s software before committing to buy, if that’s important to you. We’re no longer talking occasional point releases of Android, either – with monthly security patches designed to keep you safe, it’s important that your manufacturer commits to keep your software up to date, or at least details how frequently they’ll catch up with these security patches. Kogan is well-known to not have a good track record in this regard, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you buy this phone and don’t get updates or security patches. That said, we’re checking in with the company’s PR agency to see if they’re prepared to commit to keeping pace with updates this time around.

The Agora 6 Plus is up for pre-order at Kogan (and it’s also on the Kogan-run Dick Smith online store) for $349 + delivery. Stock is expected to leave the warehouse on the 29 June, about 4 weeks from now.

Will you be checking out the Agora 6 Plus? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Kogan.
Via: Finder.com.au.
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The Agora 6+ was just upgraded from Android 6.x (“Marshmallow”) to Android 7.0 (“Nougart”)… I literally finished upgrading just now.

I’ve owned most of Kogan’s smartphones over the last few years and whilst one of them had a few updates (i.e. from minor version to minor version), none of them have thus far had an upgrade (i.e. from one major version to another)… Hopefully this is a sign of changing attitudes at Kogan.

Daniel M

Is it Cardboard compatible?


Yes, it works perfectly with Google Cardboard.


There is a 20% off Kogan via Ebay till the 10th June for anyone interested. I know its not in time for this release. Personally, I wouldn’t buy even a sock from Kogan, but each to their own.


We have a whole house full of Kogan stuff across most categories of product and thus far, the only thing I’ve ever had problems with was a (no longer available) steam cleaner… It leaked water more than it generated steam. My Agora 6+ compares in quality to my wife’s/children’s mid-range Sony smartphones, and some of their stuff even puts “mainstream” products to shame (our Kogan curved, Ultra HD television blows away our high-end TCL televisions, for example)! And their customer service these days is great – if you asked me two or three years ago, I’d tell you it was… Read more »


Looks interesting. Wonder how vanilla the Android OS is?? I don’t see it in the Kiwi store only the Ozzy one.. Maybe a toss up between this and the new Moto G plus.


If their previous phone from 2014 is anything to go by, it is very close to vanilla.

They only had about 3 of their own apps installed.


Thanx for the info.


Only the “Kogan” application is installed… The rest is the standard Google Suite.

Shane Wilson

Is it me, or is that a capacitive home button on the front of the device??


I’m pretty sure it is.


Ugh, most stupid design flaw ever… I have a capacitive home button on the front AND the “soft” buttons directly over it!

My Agora 6+ is the best Kogan smartphone I’ve had to date by far and I would even say it competes with mid-range smartphones from “mainstream” manufacturers… But how on Earth does someone overlook a design flaw as obvious as this?

Will Dutton

almost looks like a meizu frame


It’s very impossible it is. Kogan phones often use the same shell as other phones.

The Agora 4G used the same shell as the BenQ F5


The Agora 4G WAS the BenQ F5… It was made by BenQ, and it even says “by BenQ” on the back (I just checked – it was my last smartphone and it’s on my desk).


If it has some form of quick charging tech then I’ll buy it.


I bought an imported LG G4 – a flagship – and I haven’t had an update since January. It’s not just cheap phones that neglect updates.

As for the specs and price, they’re reasonable. However, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro and the soon to be released Asus ZenFone 3 have more powerful Snapdragon processors (650 and 625, respectively), so I don’t think I’d be going for a MediaTek processor in a phone that won’t see any custom ROMs.


Kogan’s been selling agora phones for a few years now; I’d love to hear from someone whose bought one what the on-going support is like regarding software updates. At the moment, I can’t help thinking that Kogan don’t provide software updates at all.

This wouldn’t bother me too much if there was an active community rooting and building roms for these phones but there isn’t.

TheBagging Man

I doubt they have released the source code for any of their devices. (I could be wrong) If it was me I’d rather buy a z3 compact for around the same amount of money and have a device that has a decent community behind it.


I had the Agora 4G from 2 years ago. It launched on KitKat which was the newest Android at the time, but it did not get updated to Lollipop. You can probably expect the same on all of Kogan’s phones besides the Agora 6 which should get updated to Marshmallow (currently on 5.1.1) It had a few firmware updates but I don’t remember if any of them improved security. KitKat didn’t have monthly security updates on any phone actually. In my opinion you don’t need the latest firmware. I’ve never had a virus or anything like that on any of… Read more »


Normally Kogan are pretty slack with Android upgrades, but surprisingly, my Agora 6+ was just upgraded to Android 7.0 (“Nougart”) tonight!

I’ve owned most of the smartphones Kogan have had over the last few years and prior to this, only my Agora 4G ever saw any updates – minor version to minor version… But none of them ever saw an upgrade (i.e. from major version to major version).

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come at Kogan…