For anyone who has engaged and changed their habits to include making lists, storing notes and thoughts electronically, Google Keep is an app you’re likely to have used if not permanently added to your essentials list. As with any of these style of application there are multiple, minor issues that either annoy users or reduce efficiency. With the latest update announced on the Twitter, Google have addressed a number of these.

Much like other products available, Keep now has link preview capabilities that will give you a visual preview of any link you place in a document. The other features are related to creating lists, the first is an autocomplete when creating a shopping list which seems to search previous entries you’ve made (so don’t be upset if it doesn’t work for you first time). The second list related tweak is prevention of duplicate items when you’re creating a list.

It’s some minor tweaks but they will make a big difference to functionality and efficiency of use.

Will you be making use of the new functionality in Google Keep?

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Keep is great, it become an increasingly core part of how I use my devices.


I love Keep. I use it for making short-term lists like for groceries, taking meeting notes at work, recording serial numbers and all kinds of things 🙂